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Team Members

We’re a group of passionate legal professionals here to help you.

Jeff Lewis

Founder, Attorney at Law

Robert K Morrow

Of Counsel, Attorney at Law

Kyla Dayton

Associate Attorney

Jason Ebbens

Senior Paralegal

Lila Tonche

Administrative Assistant

At Jeff Lewis Law, we follow four core principles for every case:

Integrity. Our firm was built on ethical representation of our clients. We believe that clients are best served when we play by the rules of professional responsibility and that we have developed a superb reputation in the legal community by doing so. We will lead by example in everything we do and enhance our reputation with the courts, counsel and clients.

Communication. Timely, clear and honest communication with our clients, adversaries and the courts is essential to our practice of law.

Efficiency. Many firms perform and bill tasks unnecessary to the representation of their client or over-staff cases. Our clients benefit when we appropriately staff cases and provide value to our clients by avoiding unnecessary tasks. 

Excellence. Our briefs and oral presentation must demonstrate scholarship and winning strategies. Good enough never is.


Complex problems simplified. Tireless advocacy.

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