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Appellate Law

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Now That You Have Won Your Trial, Don’t Blow Your Appeal
Jeff Lewis is a certified appellate specialist by the California State Bar and has been admitted to the United States Supreme Court Bar, the Ninth and Sixth Circuit Courts of Appeal. As of 2019, approximately 600 of California’s attorneys are certified specialists in appellate law. Jeff Lewis routinely represents individuals and businesses in appellate courts throughout Southern California.
Jeff has handled over one hundred appeals in a wide variety of matters including business litigation, probate matters, real estate disputes and criminal law. He is frequently retained by or associated with trial counsel seeking his expertise and “fresh look” at the case on appeal. With over 20 years of experience, Jeff Lewis is adept at identifying successful appellate strategies. As observed by Justice Kenneth R. Yegan in Estate of Kilkison (1998) 65 Cal.App.4th 1443:

“[T]rial attorneys who prosecute their own appeals, such as appellant, may have ‘tunnel vision.’ Having tried the case themselves, they become convinced of the merits of their cause. They may lose objectivity and would be well served by consulting and taking the advice of disinterested members of the bar, schooled in appellate practice.”


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Now That You Have Won Your Trial, Don't Blow Your Appeal

Get my Respondent’s Checklist to help you through your appeal

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